Henry Designs

New York

Henry Desings New York, Womens Jewelry available at Medawar

For over 30 years, Henry Designs has been committed to serving our customers with the highest quality of service and craftsmanship in high-end diamond jewelry. Each and every Henry Designs piece can be viewed as a symbol of ingenuity, luxury, and class. Over time, many companies in the industry have moved away from handmade quality and are manufacturing out of the country to cut costs. We have a different approach. Manufacturing in the United States allows us to maintain tight control over our design process to guarantee that the structural integrity of every piece is flawless and gives us the ability to customize merchandise to fit the needs of our clientele.

You can find all Henry Designs jewelry for women at Medawar, where we have been selecting the finest jewelry for the Peninsula for over twenty years. We stock much of their offering in our store. If there is something you see on their website that you like and we don't have it in stock, we can easily and quickly get it for you.

Please review the Henry Designs, New York Web Site to see the kinds of items they have. Then, come to Medawar and let us help you pick out exactly the right item for the special someone in your life, or call us at if you like to see if we have what you want in stock right now.

Henry Designs, New York